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Ballota pseudodictamnus
Greek Horehound
Zone 7 to Zone 10
Plant Shapes: Subshrub

Also known as False Dittany or False Divinity. An extremely drought-tolerant perennial, forming a shrubby evergreen mound. The leaves are very hairy and soft, giving a velvety silver-grey appearance and catching drops of rain or dew in a delightful way. Small pink and white flowers appear in early summer, similar to Phlomis but mostly hidden among the leaves. Needs very good drainage, thrives in poor soils. A good candidate for a raised bed or rock garden. If plants become leggy over time, just prune them back hard in the spring. Possibly deer and/or rabbit resistant.

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Conditions     Appearance    
Sun Exposure
  Full Sun

Soil Type

Soil pH

Soil Moisture

Care Level

Foot Traffic

Rate of Spread
Flower Colour
  Deep Pink

Blooming Time
  Early Summer
  Late Spring
  Mid Summer

Foliage Color
  Grey Green

Plant Characteristics
  Accent: Good Texture/Form
  Drought Tolerant

Flower Head Size
  Very Small

   30-60 cm
   12-23 inches

   30-45 cm
   12-18 inches

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