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More Shapes and Sizes:

Also known as a mound or clump. Here, the stems all tend to arise from one central point. They may have an upright V-shaped habit, often with the flowers being displayed above the foliage. Some types are more mounding in habit.

Tuft-shaped alpines often die back during the winter, and the types that do this will need to be cut back in late fall or early spring before the new growth resumes. Most tuft-shaped alpines must be increased by division of the whole clump, by cuttings or by seed.


 Diagram of a  Tuft Shaped Plant


  • These provide a more upright accent, so they work well as focal points and as a relief for the eye to low carpeting type Rock Stars®
  • They also are suitable for medium to large groupings.
  • Tufts look charming when surrounded by low carpeting Rock Stars®
  • In an alpine trough or container, one or two tufted plants provide some much-needed bushiness and height.
  • Tufts are not so suitable for rock walls, though they can look charming growing at the top of a wall along with other shapes of Rock Stars®
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