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Pick one area of your garden, and click various boxes that describe the conditions, especially for sun exposure, soil, USDA hardiness zone and the intended use (for instance, in a container, a scree or a wall). Note that all the criteria you specify must apply to a plant in order to return a result, so the more criteria you select, the fewer plants will be returned. When you're finished, click the "Search" button below. Click here for more detailed help.

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Sun Exposure
   Full Sun    Part Shade    Full Shade

Soil Types Tolerated
   Loamy    Sandy    Clay
   Free Draining    Gravel Scree

Soil Moisture
   Average    Dry    Moist

Soil pH Preferred
   Acidic    Neutral    Alkaline

Care Level Required
   Easy    Moderate    Challenging

Flower Colour
   White    Light Pink    Mauve/Lilac
   Creamy Yellow    Deep Pink    Purple/Violet
   Bright Yellow    Red    Brown
   Gold    Green    Black
   Orange    Light Blue    Deep Blue

Blooming Time
   Early Spring    Mid Spring    Late Spring
   Early Summer    Mid Summer    Late Summer
   Early Fall    Mid Fall    Late Fall
   Early Winter    Mid Winter    Late Winter

Foliage Colour
   Light Green    Silver    Gold
   Deep Green    Red    Yellow
   Chartreuse    Purple Black    White
   Grey Green    Bronze    Variegated

Plant Uses & Characteristics
   Containers/Troughs    Deer Resistant    Drought Tolerant
   Walls/Crevices    Rabbit Resistant    Between Flagstones
   Edging Paths    Attracts Butterflies    Evergreen
   Perennial Garden    Attracts Hummingbirds    Groundcover
   Waterside    Poisonous/Toxic    Fragrant

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